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Become a Damsel in Defense Pro and educate others in the defense of self and family. Training provided. 

At 365 Self-Defense, we understand that guns are lethal weapons and should not be your first choice in every encounter. Nor are they suitable for use by every member of your family. Therefore, having multiple options for protection can increase the entire family’s chances of winning both the physical and legal battle. Do not trust your family's safety to chance; instead, arm yourselves with some of the best non-lethal personal protection tools on the market.

Through Damsel in Defense, we offer pepper spray, stun guns, concealment purses, personal alarms, and other security and protective devices. Additionally, we offer products for children as well as a comprehensive Digital Defense Protection Plan for the entire family. View the videos below and then click Shop Now to see the complete lineup of available products.

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AKA: Firearms & Self-Defense Academy

Online store open 24/7

Online store open 24/7