AKA: Firearms & Self-Defense Academy

  • Army Combat Veteran
  • Ph.D. in Education
  • Damsel in Defense Pro
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Certified Instructor
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside & Outside The Home Certified Instructor
  • The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor
  • Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Certified Instructor
  • The Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program Graduate
  • USCCA Associate Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer​
  • ​Survivor


Owner: Pat THURMond

"When seconds count, police are minutes away. With over 320 million people in the United States and just over 1 million police officers, it is nearly impossible for them to be there at the exact moment when we need them most. Therefore, it is our responsibility as citizens to obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to protect our loved one’s, defend ourselves, and survive an attack. My philosophy is simple: Personal protection is our right and our responsibility!​"


"I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and spent my childhood playing sports. I went on to earn a track scholarship to Harris Stowe State College in St. Louis, MO. In 1986, I enlisted in the Army where I had the pleasure of serving our country in Operation Dessert Shield and Storm. A lifetime of criminal encounters and military service led to my facination with firearms and self-defense.  Since leaving active duty, I followed my academic dreams of earning a Ph.D. and followed my passion for firearms and self-defense through specialized classes, trainings, and certifications. "